Basic Counselling Skill Certified Course

UMMEED Positive Approach to Counselling to enable populace

As progressive parents, educators and primary caregivers, today we are all concerned, how to be a friend, philosopher and a guide to our children, especially when adolescent in our care are growing up in not so safe world. Today’s teen see more of what life has to offer - both good and bad - on television, at school, colleges, pubs, clubs, on streets, in magazines and on the internet.

Unsupervised exposure, tremendous temptation, changing social roles coupled with unrealistic academic, social, or family expectation can create a strong sense of dismay, dilemma, rejection and can lead to deep disappointment. When things go wrong at school or at home, teem often overreact. Many young people feel that life is not fair or things never go their way. They feel stressed out and confused.

Keeping this vision and mission in mind, UMMEED has taken up this initiative to spread awareness about adolescent social and emotional wellness and equip educators and caregivers, people who care with basic counselling skills and attitude to deal effectively with ADOLESCENT in our care!

Testimonial by Mamta Jaiswal, Principal, Sunbeam School, Varanasi


Help teachers understand themselves better and work on self before stepping into the counsellors shoes. This is achieved not by teaching formal theories propounded by psychologists; but by creating awareness and developing better insight about why adolescents show academic or behavioural problems.
There were substantial emphasis upon discussion, real case studies, and experiential learning through role plays, one to one supervisions and small group exercise.
We were able to involve teachers, counsellors and principals, so that they are able to respond to the situation and be a positive force to guide and steer.

Comprehensive Training Emphasises on the following aspects

  • Basic counselling skills – the essence
  • A comprehensive list of warning signs in adolescents
  • Gender and Sexuality education
  • Addiction – imapct and prevention
  • Bullying & Aggression in young kids to teens
  • Suicidal symptoms - detection and prevention
  • Real case studies on major adolescent situations
  • Life skill training - a group counselling process for prevention and advocacy
  • Scaffolding support with parents

It further helps the participants to -

  • Positive healing and enabling
  • Taboo of counselling eradicated
  • Guidance in counselling - skill sets develop
  • Understanding behaviour iceberg
  • Readiness for life skill counselling
  • Insight into sexuality and critical adolescent behaviour
  • Gender sensitization
  • Strategies to combat bullying, aggression and addiction
  • Strategies to reduce self harm ideation

More than 400 educators, principals, NGO workers, college professors, Social workers, Psychology post graduates, counsellors, special educators, hostel warden, professional coaches have been certified by Ummeed in last five years and they are adding value to their respective profession !



Course Details

Course Duration :

  • 100 hour skill based experiential learning programme
  • 20 hours of self learning, assignments and session intakes
  • spread over 10 months (Jan 2017 – Oct 2017
  • 75 hours of theory and practical training and 25 hours of self assignments and Individualized supervision sessions

Course Content :

  • Understanding Counselling – need for counselling, Strength based Counselling, myths and facts of Counselling
  • Developmental milestones
  • Role of Counsellor in educational set ups
  • Qualities of Counsellor
  • Basic skills of a counsellor
    + Attending skills
    + Paraphrasing skills
    + Summarizing skills + Probing skills + Responding and Mirroring by counsellors + Reflection of feelings of counselee
  • Stages in counselling process
  • Life skills for Social and Emotional wellbeing of Youth
  • Spectrum of Aggressive behaviours, with special focus on Bullying
  • Role of Counsellor in educational set ups
  • Addiction to Substance, Social media and Gadgets as a coping mechanism
  • Self Harm Tendency in Youth
  • Counselling Parents - strategies and skill sets
  • Case Studies - real cases of youth and children discussed with video, demonstrations etc
  • Demonstration of counselling skills and Practice through Role plays
  • Supervision and Case documentation protocols
  • Referral sheets in counselling for collaboration
  • Training Resources

    Each participant will receive a 250 page training manual on Basic Counselling Skills, handouts, and some pertinent videos developed and compiled by Ummeed for a more comprehensive learning

  • Training Design

    The training is designed to include Role plays, case study discussions as well as submission of written case studies, focus group discussions and presentations, individual supervision sessions with resource persons, to make it a more interactive process

  • Training Aids

    All sessions will include power-point presentations, some videos, checklists and handouts

Resource Persons

Ms. Salony Priya – Psychotherapist, Trainer, Director Ummeed would be the main course Director, along with Senior Counsellors and consultants who would add value to the course.

This intensive Pastoral Guidance programme, conducted by a team of senior counselors at Ummeed would be open to Teachers, Social Workers, School counselors, and students of Psychology, who wish to develop a more empathic and holistic approach to adolescent issues with a broader outlook.

Assessment and Certification

The training programme will conclude with a written and practical examination (Viva and counselling skills demonstration) at the end of the course, to gauge the learning of each participant so that they can reach out to individuals with their skill as a pastoral guide.

On completion of the course and due examination, along with submission of assignments, participants, who have accomplished the capacity to be a functional pastoral guide, will receive a certificate of Skill Based Experiential Learning from Ummeed.

Basic Counselling Skill Certification

Experiential Learning

Basic Counselling Course conducted at different organizations:

Basic counselling skills class by Dr. Anindita Chatterjee, Clinical Psychologist at the UMMEED centre on "Psychometric testing and assessment of common disabilities found in classrooms."

BCS at Ummeed centre was launched for counsellors, students of psychology, educators and retired teachers who have come forward to develop an understanding of real issues underlying behavioural and academics discrepancies among children and adolescent, and to deal effectively with the same through hands on training in counselling skills, role plays which are based on real case studies.
Feedbacks :

  1. Just excellent !! So many things happens in our life but we don’t know how to accept or how to handle, but after joining the class I am coming to know how to handle the situation. Overall Just awesome !!” Malini Saha (Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir)
  2. “The sessions are helped us to look towards life from a different perspective. We have learnt that positivity in tone and assertive communication are the keywords of a good counsellor”. Dipanwita Biswas Chakrabarty
The participating schools are -
  • Birla Public School
  • Birla Balika Vidyapeeth
  • Birla School Pilani
  • Birla Shishu Vihar
  • Birla International School


  1. "Your sessions are always such that makes one think and review one's action and past behaviour. Every anecdote that you share touches the heart. Every session was unique & a great learning experience." Mandira Kar
  2. "Adolescent behaviour, Addiction, Abuse, each topic was beautifully explained, a real eye opener, your sessions allowed me to introspect & learn as I could relate." Bhawna Garg

The core group of 7 schools under the Sunbeam banner continue their belief in developing hostel wardens, coordinators, primary care givers and teachers as change agent on society. With the ongoing group which is undergoing training, these schools now comprise of 210 trained pastoral guides who proactively worked together towards understanding social and emotional needs of their students, which in turn contributes to holistic education.
Feedbacks :

  1. "Ummeed has developed many community based curative, preventive and promotive programmes to reduce psycho-social-emotional problems and to improve well being of people. I have attended many workshops conducted by Mrs. Salony Priya at Sunbeam School. K-12 students being a high risk group to be misunderstood and maltreated, Ummeed has worked out Pastoral Teachers Training Programme to involve teachers in counselling and act as referral and support giving agents for the students. This short term training programme is well structured which includes a comprehensive manual for trainee containing specific sections to understand children and their psyche, core counselling skills and intervention techniques. In fact, it's amazing experience to listen to Mrs Salony Priya, people feel mesmerised for hours when she shares real case studies and practical facts of different aspects of students life. A second batch of more than, 55 teachers of Sunbeam Schools have been getting trained this year. I am happy to note that many teachers have informed that they have changed for the batter with the training inputs. Their attitudes and approaches towards their students, family members and colleagues have improved. I personally feel that the acceptance of counselling service in school has improved and it is great help for me. I wish Salony Ma'am and team Ummeed all the best and much success in the future."
    Dr Anil K. Choubey, Head Counselling Services
    Sunbeam Group Of Educational Institutions, Varanasi
  2. “Thanks Ma’am and our small family of pastoral guides. We all together have tried to solve the same problem and get training. Our process of learning will continue after this session also. I hope we succeed. Our last pastoral was very emotional where we all came to know how we are important to our family.”
    Neetu Singh

Two batches of teachers at South Point School Kolkata, have already commenced their journey as pastoral guides from April 2015. Their main focus was understanding adolescent issues, specially within the frame work of co-educational set up.

Feedbacks :

  1. “I would like to express my gratitude to the Almighty for enabling me to complete this wonderful journey with my friends. The enriching and fulfilling sessions have helped me to probe and respond to life and humanity with empathy.”
    Soma Mazumder
  2. “The dark tunnels of the human mind seem to be quite illuminated by the guiding light of Team Ummeed and the able guidance of Salony Ma’am. Here’s a pledge to take the journey forward, lighting up the young minds with courage, determination and hope. Thanks for opening up a new horizon before us. It is time to colour it bright with the seven colours of the rainbow.”
    Tamali Ghosh

With St. Paul’s Rourkela as host schools, a total of 8 schools in ODISA have joined hands with UMMEED to train teachers on handling adolescents issues.

The participating schools are -
  • De Souza’s Rourkela
  • Carmel School Rourkela
  • Nirmal English School, Rajgangpur
  • Sri Aurobindo’s Rourkela School
  • St. John Mary Vianney School, Kutra
  • St. Paul’s School, Rorukela
  • Pragati Public School, Rourkela
  • St. Joseph Convent, Rourkela


  1. “Basic Counselling skills training taught me that counselling is, understanding the inner strength of the child, erasing the limitations and enhancing the inner skills so that the students can overcome the life situations. Counselling creates a connectivity between people where the distance is bridged by communicating, thereby helping to solve the problems arising in life with patience and compassion. Thank you Salony ma’am for introducing me to this amazing world”
    Rohini, St. Pauls School, Rourkela
  2. "After the workshop I am now quite comfortable with rapport building with the individual, still it is difficult to touch the pain area. I have learnt much, how to make the client comfortable and how to recognize his emotions. Thank you Salony ma'am and Anju ma'am to develop our own personality, to develop patience and not to be judgemental." Kakoli Das, Desouza's School
  3. "The two day session was very remarkable as slowly it led to getting into counsellor's role. Knowing the stages of counselling Sunday, 1st and 2nd June'15 workshop will help us, specially the MCQ and role playing for Kirti case study." Arun Prasad Saini, St. Paul's School

They continue its journey to enable educators as counsellors, who endeavour to understand the deeper underlying social and emotional issues of children and adolescents, in order to promote a climate of positive psychology in the school system. The third batch of pastoral guides begins their journey to hone their skills in empathy, Understanding adolescent needs to care and connect better with young minds.
Feedbacks :

  1. “The use of role plays at our sessions is to implement active listening Skills We went through the truthiness and Dryden definition of counselling as well as the micro skills. The most interesting part of the session was on the needs of adolescents as they seek identity, look for acceptance and want independence.”Sherry Beaucasin
  2. “Today’s session was very good. So many questions were answered and most importantly we understood. The role play was being revised once again, and it actually made it clear as to how we must conduct ourselves a counsellor.”Amar Pradhan

After our 3 year successful association with Sunbeam Group in Varanasi, Sunbeam School Mughalsarai joins hands with Ummeed to enable teachers to understand young minds better.

In keeping with the vision of ‘Growing by learning’ and ‘Pursuing Excellence’ in GEMS Akademia, the Basic Counseling Skills Course has been introduced in August, 2016. Over 30 educators join hands with Ummeed to work towards developing socio-emotional wellbeing in children through sensitization, training and skill development of caring educators.
Feedbacks :

  1. “This was a very positive experience for me. Workshops are generally boring, this was an exception. Thank you Salony Ma'am.”
    Debleena Tripathi
  2. “Three key areas of learning are how to understand children, to be firm and not loud with them and it is important to give them a feeling of security. It was a lifetime experience in one afternoon.”
    Padmini Chatterjee

Ms Ruchi Narendaran and Mr Bhaskaran, Vice President Corporate relations Tata Steel, release a Basic Counselling skill Manual designed by Ummeed at Russy Modi centre for excellence, Jamshedpur on 3rd May 2014.
An initiative by Tata steels and Asha Alumni of Sacred Heart convent in association with Ummeed, to build capacity of educators, psychologist and counsellors in the city, to create a support group to deal with adolescent distress. Mrs Salony priya started the 100 hour experiential learning programme with 42 participants.

Principals of :

  • Kerala Samajam Model School
  • DBMS English School
  • Gilmohar High School
  • Kasidih High School

Teachers of :

  • Sacred Heart Convent School
  • Little Flower School
  • Jamshedpur Public School AIWC
  • JH Tarapore School
  • RMS High School
  • Kerala Public School, Mango, Kadma, Gamharia, Burma Mines
  • NML Kerala Public School
  • Jusco School Kadma
  • Baridih High School
  • Tarapore School, AGRICO
  • Vidhyabharti Chinmaya Vidhyalaya, TELCO
  • Narbheram Hansraj English School
  • Jusco School South Park
  1. Awesome six hours spent with you today trying to understand whether I am justified in choosing to undergo the Counselling training. The answer is Yes!!!
    Every word spoken by U has definitely impacted my decision. I feel motivated and energized in my mission of doing my bit to bring in small changes in the life of young minds during their formative years. During my 14 years of teaching career I had always wanted that all the children I came across should enjoy life to the maximum extent and take pride in oneself.
    I thank you and ASHA for giving me a chance to be a part of the training session being conducted by a renowed person like you. Hope to be a reason for a few smiles!!!” K.Jaishree
  2. “I have been attending the basic counseling skills workshop for the past six months. It has truly been an enriching experience. It has helped me to introspect and develop a deeper insight into myself. It has equipped me to be an effective listener and pick up nonverbal signals and understand the unspoken word of students and faculty members. I have developed more a nonjudgmental style of leadership enabling me to understand the psyche of students.

    I have been able to better understand issues of adolescents and the students can understand that I am there for them. Salony Priya and her team at Ummeed are doing wonderful job. May their tribe increase.”Rajni Shekhar, Principal, DBMS Jamshedpur

They have completed their first batch of educators as counsellors, who endeavour to understand the deeper underlying social and emotional issues of children and adolescents, in order to promote a climate of positive psychology in the school system.
Feedbacks :

  1. At the first instance, when Salony Priya had come for the Orientation Programme for teachers, we were overwhelmed by the way she conducted the Programme. She motivated us to train as pastoral guides for teachers need to counsel students beside teach them. It is the understanding of the emotional world that will enable us reach out to those students whom we immediately label as unmanageable. The sessions, have been enjoyable and informative.It is helping us to look a little deeper into the eelings of the adolescent while lending a helpful hand. I would like to thank the Umeed team for their help and Salony for making it possible.”
    Tapashi, Coordinator Holy Cross Agartala
  2. “Counselling and Understanding it was excellent, Salony ma'am you are great as a mentor and coach. I am trying my level best to apply it with myself 3 Major learning –
    • + I am trying to become more empathetic than sympathetic, but sometimes I feel I am mixing both.
    • + Trying to become more calm and composed and honestly practicing affirmation
    Listening skills, previously I use to become restless to put forward my ideas and views without listening to others. After this session i think i have learnt 1% of art of handling emotions, feelings, and learning to accept. Thank you Ma'am Salony for giving us a new vision. These sessions to some extent were a heal for my heart. God bless you so that you can show light and bless many more life.”
    Sonali Nandy, Teacher Holy Cross, Agartala

2017 UMMED partners Delhi Public School, Varansi empowering educators on Counselling skills an initiative by Ms Salony Priya Founder Director UMMEED.
Basic Counselling skills courses aim is to to help teachers understand themselves better and work on self before stepping into the counselors shoes. This is achieved not by teaching formal theories propounded by psychologists; but by creating awareness and developing better insight about why adolescents show academical or behavioral problems. It aims to understand social issues better and strive for a better future. The educators are equipped with tools to promote positive psychology in today's world.

In 2017, UMMEED partners with Sacred Heart School in Siliguri for their first batch to participate in the Basic Counselling Skills Course initiated by our Founder Director Ms. Salony Priya. UMMEED believes that as progressive educators today, teacher can not just be a friend, philosopher and guide, especially when children in our care are growing up in a not so safe world. Through this initiative, teachers will be addressed on different adolescent behaviors and warning signs. Priyankee Gupta, The Director, Principal Sir Mr. Suraj Tamang along with 10 teachers are participating in this 100 hour experiential training.

Partner Schools