Major - Events


A year long project launched in Calcutta on 1st July, to spread Career awareness in underprivileged sections of society. Congratulations Jyoti Mahipal and Mridu Somani for a worthwhile project as giving roots and wings to children, enabling them to realize their dreams is truly commendable. It's an effort to give information so that they can utilize many opportunities available today. Such social service projects truly create a better world. A video series by UMMEED in association with inner wheel shared with the society where Ms. Salony Priya provides information and guidance regarding various career options which let the students think about their future and search the correct path accordingly.

5th International Conference of Indian Health Academy

At Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi, October 2019. Suicides - Issues, prevention and management presented research on adolescent state of mental health and key areas effecting self harm tendency.

A model of developing coping skills in colleges with youth was presented.


Principal Conference Sahodaya, hosted at Satya Sai School, Guna. In the perspective of ensuring Good mental health for students and educators.

Leadership of CBSE schools.


Inner Wheel Club, awareness for girl child and women empowerment, felicitated Salony Priya as a women making a difference to lives.

The platform of Inner wheel had Salony Priya as an empowered women to appeal to save girl child and ensure care and safety for women.

Ummeed invited by CRPF HQ Life Skills for Youth of Kashmir Harmony Project

Life and laugh interactive session with youth to understand positive aspects of human relationships.

Much needed initiative to build relationships with kashmiri youth by CRPF Ummeed happy to be associated with meaningful initiative.


National Workshop on Skill Development in, Community Counselling for supporting issues of adolescent, at Kushinagar (UP) as a resource person for spreading more and more work in society by psychologist,

in the two day workshop she spoke on how to build capacity of psychology Professionals for Community Development.


Vidyanjali High School motivated students on Complete wellness, Fun to be Fit.


Birla Divya Jyoti, Siliguri


Guest speaker at Rotary Calcutta Visionaries. How parents can connect to the millennium youth, Values and Wisdom meet.

3-A Model to Address Adolescent Anguish-Aggression Addiction and Abuse "THE MILLENIUM KID TURNS 16"

27th July 2016 educators and allied professionals from leading schools of Kolkata came together and joined hands with UMMEED for an advocacy event that discussed at length the changing lifestyle of adolescents in the present age.

  • The need to understand adolescent problems and change or modify our thoughts and mentality.
  • Ways to deal and control their aggression, anger, abuse.
  • The need to move with the time and equip ourselves with the skills to help our children as educators.
  • Importance of transforming the negative energy into creativity thereby bridging the gap between the adolescent and adults.

Feedback :

  1. “PrincipaIs, counsellors, special educators coming together Ummeed platform, breaking barriers building bridges! Thank you Ma’am for providing an excellent platform for experience and exposure at your conclave”. - Ms Kakoli Ghosh, Principal, Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Kolkata

“Reinforce the Role of Positive Psychology in Nurturing of Human Potential"

Principals, school managements and corporate heads were invited to share their views, on how to make ‘The City of Joy’ a better place on the 16th of April’ 2014 on the occasion of UMMEED steeping into its 4th year at Conclave, Kenilworth Hotel. Gowri Ishawaran, Founder Principal of Sanskriti School, New Delhi and currently the CEO of the Global Education and Leadership Foundation, sensitized all on how education needs to be imparted to young children.

Dr. Anindita Chaterjee, Clinical Psychologist and a Consultant to UMMEED, introduced Screening Test-Junior, India Edition (DST-J INDIA) - a scientific assessment to identify children at risk of dyslexia and Cogmed working memory training – an online training programme that expands working memory capacity, in order to improve attention, academic performance and behaviour.

Building Bridges for Youth Stakeholders’ Confluence, Bridging the gap between school life and college life, 2013

Feedbacks :

  1. “All the speakers were excellent. I personally feel, that the concept of ‘Design Creativity’ is the most pertinent point today” - Swagata Chaudhuri, Shri Shikshayatan School, Kolkata
  2. “The session on exploration of learning given by Mr. Jinan, the way in which students were learning themselves, many fundamental aspects of life, was fascinating” - Deep Malya Mukhopadhyay, Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata

Sahodaya CBSC Principals Conference

22nd National Annual Sahodaya Conference Hosted by Abhyudaya held on 21st to 23rd October, 2016 at Raipur

ADOPTION - A positive option in society to complete families

Rotary Club of Calcutta Renaissance in association with round table organized a unique event to promote adoption. Mrs. Salony Priya addressed the prospective parents contemplating adoption by establishing emotional bonds as higher than the biological connect.


  1. “Salony Ma’am speaks from heart and her assuarance was very meaninigful for anxious parents. Your presence in the panel is deeply appreciated, thank you Ma’am.” – Prakash Nahata, Rotarian and Organizer

Inspiring Educators Mind Mingle at IIM Ahmedabad

An inspiring event “Mind Mingles” was organised by IIM Ahmedabad where Ms. Salony Priya was invited. How future of schools will be in India was discussed by eminent speakers and educators from all across the nation.

LIONS CALCUTTA GREATER VIDYA MANDIR - Moving from Strength to Strength

LION J. Preston, First International President inaugurated the annexe building of Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir. Mrs. Salony Priya consultant and advisor was felicitated with a plaque and citation expressing gratitude for her relentless service to the project for last ten years.

She has contributed to bringing up the school from 176 students to today 1900 students with affiliated status.

Transformational Leadership - Leader vs Manager - Balancing People and Task

In August 2014, a leadership seminar in association with Akash Institute was held at City centre, Siliguri, to promote thought leadership in education. Attended by several principals it was appreciated for its practical approach and deep insight.


  1. “Very refreshing to hear Salony, she has her finger on the pulse of real school scenarios. A great experience !”- Shweta Tiwari, Principal of Divyajyothi Birla School, Siliguri.

Advisory council meet Sunbeam Group, Varanasi

A think tank of eminent dignitaries from all walks of life gathered at the banks of Ganges, to set path for the next phase of Sunbeam Group of schools. Ms. Salony Priya enlightened the core team of educators and leaders on critical importance of EMOTIONAL WELLNESS in schools.

Ms. Salony Priya shared the panel with Deepak Madhock, Chairman of Sunbeam Group, Ms Geeta Chandran, an eminent Bharatnatyam dancer, Dr. G. Balasubhramaniam, Ex CBSE Director, Shri Sajan Mishra Khayal, singer from Beneras Gharana, Dr. Amrita Das, Director ICS, and Mr. John Mason.

Defying Gravity - Leadership, Conclave by Educational Initiatives MENTOR on 6th December 2014

Salony Priya shared dais with Ms Mukta Nain, Principal Mahadevi Birla world Academy and Corporate Communications Head Mr. Sarkar ICICI in a panel discussion on Discipline in Schools. A very interactive on the floor discussion where her 4D Model of discipline was highly appreciated by 70 delegates from school management.

Peace Now and Forever

As part of their diamond jubilee celebrations, Ms. Sunita Sinha, Principal Gulmohar High School invited Salony Priya as chief guest on Panel discussion with theme ‘PEACE NOW AND FOREVER’, where groups of parents, students and teachers came together to understand the significance of PEACE in life.

Cinema for Cause

‘Tomorrow Speaks... in the land of Thousand smiles’ is a cinema for Cause initiative by Learning System in which we are trying to capture the essence of Growing Up Years of Adolescents; Teenagers, Quality Parenting and the take/ observations of Psychologists / Psychiatrists / Medical Experts/ Dieticians/ Mental Health activists on such burning issues.

The shooting has been done in Thailand and Kolkata. The Film is directed by Abhishek Ganguli. We gratefully acknowledge the help of UMMEED and Ms. Salony Priya for the support, encouragements and inputs.

Pioneer Property Managers Training

As part of its Corporate Training Initiative, UMMEED conducted a series of Training Workshops for employees of Pioneer Property Managemnet Limited in the month of May. Cutting across the heirachy, employees from the junior most field executives to the senior managers and vice presidents were trained varied issues.

Ms. Salony Priya was the resource person for the Senior Managers it dwelt on issues like Building and Leading Teams, Mentoring, Coaching as well as defining Organizational Culture and Climate.

A series of 10 sessions culminated in a feedback and information sharing with the Managing Director of Pioneer Group Mr. Jitender Khaitan.

Bhavans VII - All India Principals Conference

“Visionaries for Tomorrow”- a session with the principals and heads of Bhavans’s Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools on Social and Emotional wellness was held at Bhavans’s Gangabux Kanoria Vidya Mandir, Kolkata.

  1. “Today’s session was a wonderful one where all of us were offered an opportunity to think and take things from a different perspective especially from the shoes of kids. Thank you for awakening us from our ‘sleep’. Thanks to Salony ma’am and her wonderful team.”- Supriya N., Kerela
  2. “A session through which I learnt a real life-long experience. Hope this experience will wake us better than before. Education system in our country needs a motivator like Salony Priya.” – A.K. Dubey, MP

‘The Roller Coaster of Education’ - A Perspective for the Head of Schools

Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate, (WB chapter) invited Salony Priya to address the Heads of Schools on 4th June 2015 on the occasion of 17th AGM & Regional conference at Pattaya, Thailand.


  1. “Mrs. Priya conducted a lively session which held the 110 delegates spellbound. Her interactive approach made the session vibrant with all round participation. All delegates praised her for her excellent oratory skills and depth of knowledge.” – Nabarun De, Secretary ASISC, WBC.
  2. “What you spoke is extremely relevant to today’s context and was thought provoking as well as very practical. I sincerely wish that all the Heads give it a try in their schools. Well done Salony, Keep up the good work.”– Mr. Jerry Arathoon, Chief Executive ISC.


The 2 days workshop held in association with Frank Anthony Public School, on family health education, dwelled on sensitizing educators on the current holistic concept of adolescent sexuality, relationship trends, body image and impact of media. Apart from these issues, our consultant gynecologist, Dr. Mou Chatterjee, highlighted the physiological concerns and development process of adolescent sexuality.

Key areas are :

  1. To gain an impact about the concept of sexuality
  2. To know the basic approaches to defining adolescent sexuality
  3. To enable the educators to understand about the six dimensions to sexuality education
  4. To empower the educators about the child abuse-signs and symptoms
  5. To revisit taboos related to sexuality

  1. More workshop on sexuality, gender role, body image etc should be conducted to create awareness as prevention is better than cure – Rina Dutta (The Heritage School)
  2. The workshop done by Ummeed is the need of the hour, not only for the youth but also for the adults in society. There are many challenges waiting for us. The more we know the more we realize that many is still left to know – Shobha Srivastava (Loreto Convent School, Entally)

Adolescent wellness seminar for better understanding of the teenagers world, socio-cultural changes and their psychological needs

Principals’ Conference, June 2015

Principals, educators, and administrative personnel being addressed on progressive schooling wave at the St. Xaviers Chain of Schools, 7th National Heads Conference held in Kolkata.

Effects of Positive Discipline over corporal punishment, 27 ICSC Schools, Jharkhand, 11th Jan, 2014

Diocesan Heads Meet at Thalcher NTPC, Odisha

St. Marys' Group, Principals leadership training at Thalcher, Odisha, May 2012. Principals, as change agents building caring classrooms.

National Leadership Conference, DON BOSCO Training Institute, Guwahati

Partner Schools