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Emotional and social well being of people has always been the epicentre of Ummeed’s vision and belief. While this is an area of increasing concern for all sections of the population, the issues become even graver when it is caused and aggravated by poverty, squalor and deprivation.

Children and adolescents living in these situations have a lot of emotional and psychological concerns that go unattended. The mental wellbeing of this segment has been a neglected area. With a view to enabling and empowering children from marginalized and socially challenged backgrounds, Umeed Foundation has adopted and initiated work with NGOs and social institutions. These are orphanages, destitute homes and non formal schools working for the education and integration of children into the mainstream.

Umeed Foundation has a vision to work closely with these institutions and help the children under their care to overcome the social, psychological and emotional barriers and hurdles faced by them. The foundation proposes to reach out and enable about 1000 children over a period of one year.

The foundation has been actively eliciting and involving the contribution and participation of interested individuals and organizations that are keen to contribute to this unique initiative.

  • This segment of children are in dire need of behavioural counselling and support.
  • There is a lot of interest exhibited by caregivers to provide preventive support in mental health.
  • Ummeed initiative to Empower the Youth become holistic when we reach out to this section of society as well.
  • These NGOs might be challenged for resources, but are high in enthusiasm and the desire to make a difference.
  • One to one counselling for children.
  • Group Counselling through activity based workshops.
  • Work with small groups of children on common issues / concerns.
  • Sessions for caregivers and staff of institutions.
  • Children aged 5-18 years.
  • Socially and economically disadvantaged and challenged.
  • First generation learners.
  • Children vulnerable to verbal, physical and sexual abuse.
  • Children from unreached and marginalised communities.
  • Creating self awareness.
  • Building self esteem.
  • Goal setting.
  • Purpose to continue education.
  • Motivating for enhancing academic performance.
  • Improving study skills.
  • Educating on respectful behaviour.
  • Gender and sexuality issues.
  • Puberty and personal hygiene.
  • Abuse and aggression.


Umeed Foundation works holistically for emotional, psychological and social wellness of children from socially and economically deprived and challenged backgrounds.

  • Changing Mindsets & Attitude

    Changing mindsets and attitudes in society related to counselling and addressing emotional issues

  • Positive Psychology

    Approach of positive psychology and strength based counselling to enable

  • Core Groups

    Core group of counsellors, psychologists, special educators social workers collaborate to reach out

Trustees of Umeed Foundation

Ms. Salony Priya

Founder, Trustee, Child Psychologist and Counselor

Mr. K.C. Sahai

Retd. Director UP State Electricity Board Supporter of Educational Initiatives

Shri H.K. Chowdhary

Philanthropist Head of several educational institutions

Mr. R. Rustagi

Senior Chartered Accountant Eminent Social Worker


  • Non-formal Schools
  • | Support Centres
  • | Orphanages
  • | Destitute Homes

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