Parenting - The Most Joyful Journey

Out of all the significant things we do in our adult lives from acquiring an education to establishing ourselves in a career and tö achieving financial stability, the task that is probably most close to everyone’s heart is that of raising children. Nothing else evokes the kind of tremendous sense of responsibility and commitment as parenting our children does.

It is therefore not surprising that it also brings in a lot of anxiety and stress along, where in, we question and introspect everything that we do and wonder whether we are doing enough and whether we are doing it right.

With joint families slowly giving way to more and more nuclear families we all miss the presence of the older generation as our role models and their voice of experience and guidance. The changing times and the accelerating pace of llfe also bring in their set of challenges and we are all left grappling with many questions and self doubt.

In this context, every parent looks to some space where they can share their anxieties and fears and ask questions and raise doubts without the fear of them and their children being judged or branded.

Why Parenting at Ummeed?

Raising responsible children, Nurturing capable young people who make us proud is every parents dream. However with technology as greatest distraction, every parent is struggling how ? to say 'no', how to teach values? and how much to allow?

Positive Parenting platforms at several schools and corporates were Ummeed's way of equipping parents with the right approach and frame of mind to deal with PARENTING CHALLENGES! We guided, shared and taught parents skills to connect,

help children & adolescents to navigate and build lasting relationship of respect.

Salony Priya
Founder Director, UMMEED

Parents since 23 years

Proactive Parenting Workshops by UMMEED

Ummeed conducts workshops which are interactive wherein paticipants can delibarate and discuss on their concerns and learn from each other.

Ummeed makes this platform for sharing and learning possible through its “Positive Parenting Workshops".

The workshops are need based and customized depending on the age group of the children as each developing stage has its own unique set of issues and challenges.

Parent Involvement Programs with Educational Institutions

Parenting workshops conducted by UMMEED at various schools and play schools in the city and suburbs have been highly appreciated.

Schools iike The Heritage and DPS Megacity in Kolkata, Loreto in Asansol and GEMS School of Kathmandu are among the many schools where Parenting Workshops have been held.

UMMEED is also in partnership with Reliance Mutual Fund and through this CSR initiative, UMMEED has been conducting Art of Parenting’ workshops across several cities in India.

Such workshops are also conducted at UMMEEDs centre to enable parents to handle day to day challenges with ease.

It is in line with UMMEEDs positive living initiative where in we Enable people to gain insight in to their life situations, Empower them to look for and find solutions and Energize so that they can lead a stress free and balanced life.

The workshops are conducted by Psychologists who are experienced and specialized in Child Psychology and Parenting Strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don't kids listen to their parents?
  • What can parents do to dicipline their kids?
  • What do kids want from their parents?
  • How to deal with bad eating habits of children?
  • How to enjoy with your children?
  • How does the parents' belief system influence their parenting style?
  • How can parents handel trantrums?
  • What are the best ways for parents to show their love for their kids?
  • How can I regulate my child's TV time?
  • How to make children aware about good touch and bad touch?
  • How to teach children that what is right and wrong?
  • How to monitor my child's internate usage?
  • How to know what my child's aptitude is?
  • What is the right age to discuss puberty and sexuality issues with children?
  • How to respond to all their questions?
  • How to make children feel special and important?

Parenting Modules

    A confident child
    multiple intelligences
    Do's with Dont's
    both are needed
  • LOVE
    Parenting styles to
    depict love at all ages
    Head and heart in
    sync in parenting
    Respond to
    adolescent needs
    Listen to connect
    to your child
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