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Advance Professional Course for School Counsellors

Working with children and adolescents, educational institutions and NGOs have become our natural partners, to guide youth with positive psychology interventions and now Ummeed has workable systems as counsellor’s ready tool kit. Mrs. Salony Priya, Founder Director of Ummeed, has over 20 years of experience in the field of school consultancy, counselling, and working with school management, Heads of schools, Educators, parents and students to create educational institutions as change agents in society.

In our 7 years of journey, Ummeed has positively impacted over 1500 educational setups nationwide, empowering over 25000 educators and reaching out to more than 31000 students through individual and group counselling.

With this as our background we offer a specially designed professional skill building capsule to enhance skills and provide on job exposure. This intensive programme, conducted by a team of senior consultants and experienced counsellors at Ummeed would be highly effective for Social Workers in NGOS, & Shelter homes, School counsellors, and people with degree in counselling & Psychology, who wish to work as a school/NGO counsellor & gradually be an independent counselling professional.

Course Details

Course Content:
The training focuses on the following areas with greater emphasis on practical skills required in real life work setting –

  • Understanding the need for counselling in educational institutions
  • Understanding Role of Guidance Counsellor with all ethics, legalities, boundaries and scaffolding support
  • FEAR, ANXIETY, LOW SELF ESTEEM, CONCENTRATION - Specific protocols for handling these concerns in various age groups
  • ADHD, IQ,ASD, SLD, etc assessments for school going children
  • Counselor’s toolbox – Develop your own kit to make counselling more meaningful and structured for students
  • Group Life skills counselling sessions with students as per age addressing common issues as -
    Verbal abuse, Cheating, bullying, aggression, lying, attraction with opposite gender, infatuations, social media addiction, gaming, substance abuse, sexting, self harm etc
  • Identifying cases for individual counselling – understanding the referral system/ intake sheets, case study, collective reporting
    Documentation of all cases – Compiling monthly reports for counselling interventions to help the school understand the progress of each child referred for counselling
  • Counselling Parents - strategies and skill sets
  • Behaviour Therapies:
    + A brief history
    + Learning – Definition, theories
    + Basic Principle: Social cognitive learning theories (Bandura), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Relaxation Training

Counselling Collaborative Way

Developing Skills for liaison with Head of School, Coordinators, special educators, class teacher, and Parents to ensure holistic interventions for students.

Course Duration

50 hours skill based experiential learning programme spread over 3 months

  • 20 hours of practical training in reporting, documentation and supervision sessions with senior counsellors & psychologist.
  • 20 hours of self learning, assignments and session intakes.
  • A School & NGO Visit
  • Flexible timings for supervision sessions to ensure that each participant can accommodate the same, being a working professional

Methods Used

  • Case Studies - real cases of youth and children in schools discussed with video, demonstrations etc
  • Demonstration of counselling skills and Practice through Role plays
  • Supervision and Case discussion allowing you to practice interventions
  • School visit
  • Attending a real session at school with Salony Ma’am/Ummeed Counsellor
  • Training Resources - handouts, checklists, formats, and some pertinent videos developed and compiled by Ummeed for a more comprehensive learning.
  • Training Aids - All sessions will include power-point presentations, some videos, checklists and role plays.

Resource Persons

Ms. Salony Priya – Psychotherapist, Trainer, Founder Director Ummeed would be the course Director, along with Senior Counsellors and consultants who would be the supervisors and coordinators for smooth delivery of the course.

  • Course Supervisors

    Anasuya Dasgupta,
    Dr. Anindita Chatterjee,
    Kasturi Mukherjee

  • Course Coordinator

    Spriha Patronobis,
    Dr. Sarbani Samanta

  • Course Fee

    For further query contact us at


Each participant will receive a certificate after completing the entire training, based on your skills developed as an effective counsellor.

  • A set of counselling tools, observation sheets and referral kit
  • A set of power-point presentations to be used
  • A letter from the Founder Director of Ummeed certifying your skills as seen during course

Contact Us

Interested persons for more details and understanding please feel free to contact us:
Spriha Patronobis, Head of School Projects, Ummeed
Phone: +91 98304 32304

For all administrative support –
Abira Naskar, Office Executive - Ummeed
Phone: +91 98305 58900

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