Life Skills

Life Skills for Children & Adolescents

Life skills are behaviours used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal, social and professional affairs. There may be no definitive list of life skills but enumerates many psychosocial and interpersonal skills generally considered important. Life skills may be explained as all the non-academic foundational skills human beings learn and use to thrive individually and live optimally in community with others.

Ummeed counsellors work with schools and colleges across the country to develop these skills as these are required to help the students to build the coping methods, to overcome major hurdles, as well as to effectively manage their day to day living. Life skills session by UMMEED in the last 10 years are varied, ranging from health and hygiene at onset of puberty, to responsibility training, coping with bullying to handling a failure, study skills as reading and memory to building attention and positive attitude as winning traits.

In 2019 we reached out to following educational institutions with canopy of life skills.

Ummeed's LifeSkills Initiative

Ummeed engages in Enabling, Empowering and Energizing students through group counselling sessions. Counsellors at Ummeed believe that the realm of Psychology is becoming more inclusive. Our foundation in Positive Psychology allows us to reach out to more young people.

Our vision is to enable them to recognize their strengths, and build on the same, so that they may move towards the path of individual growth and lead a meaningful life.

To nurture students by enabling them to recognize their strengths, Ummeed devised an effective lifeskills programme that revolves around 3 R’s — Relationship, Responsibility and Respect. The effective lifeskills programme, also known as Empowering Young Minds.

Although Ummeed’s lifeskills programmes covers mostly middle and senior school students, our major focus is to concentrate on creating awareness on age appropriate issues, and skill building. For this reason we have identified pertinent concerns for various age groups.





Topics Addressed to Age Groups



  • Knowing your body — Good touch and bad touch
  • My Friends My world — to develop healthy peer relationships
  • Study Skills — Optimize your learning skills for better academic performance
  • Hocus Focus! — Concentration Building Memos Booster — Improving Memos Skills
  • Are You Listening? — Communication skills with emphasis on Active Listening
  • Bullying or Bullied! — Effectively Deal with Bullying
  • Dealing with Anger — Developing acceptable behaviour to express anger
  • Sexuality education — Understanding Puberty and Emotional needs of Adolescence
  • Who Am I! - Exploring Strengths
  • Self Esteem Build Positive Self Regard
  • Peer Pressure - Assertive Communication for Handling peer pressure
  • Reach for the Stars! - Practical Goal Setting Time Management — Use your time better
  • Procrastination tendencies Exam jitters - Deal with Examination Anxiety
  • Sexuality Education Body Image - Healthy relationships with the opposite gender

We Serve

Educational Instituitions
St. Pauls School, Rourkela
Social Organisations
Rotary Club, Kolkata
Charitable Organisation
Ek Prayas and Jyoti Vidya Mandir

Life Skills Programme conducted in the following institutions & organizations

  • Sacred Heart, Siliguri
  • Mount Litera Zee School, Contai
  • Sushila Birla Girls High School, Kolkata
  • Frank Anthony Public School, Kolkata
  • DPS Mega City, Kolkata
  • St. Agnes School, Kharagpur
  • The Heritage School, Kolkata
  • BRCM Public School, Vidyagram, Bahal
  • Kerala Samajam Model School, Jamshedpur
  • Lion’s Greater Vidyamandir, Kolkata
  • Birla High School for Boys, Kolkata
  • G.D.Goenka Public School, Siliguri
  • Kids Academy, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
  • Little Scholar Montessori School
  • National Gems Higher Secondary School
  • Rockvale Academy, Kalimpong
  • Gyanoday Niketan, Darjeeling
  • St. Sebastian School, Kolkata
  • Sunbeam Group of Schools, Varanasi
  • Holy Cross, Agartala
  • Carmel School, Rourkela
  • Carmel School, Durgapur
  • Gems Akademia International School, Kolkata
  • BRCM Public School Gyankunj, Bahal
  • Hariyana Vidya Mandir, Kolkata
  • Mount Litera Zee School, Mahestala
  • Mount Litera Zee School, Howrah
  • St. Pauls School, Rourkela
  • Contai Public School, Kanthi
  • Bhawanipur Gujrati Education Society School, Kolkata
Partner Schools