Mrs. Salony Priya has been an HR Consultant to various educational institutions, helping them with teacher's training, teacher recruitment, annual appraisal, and intrinsic reward system for teaching and non teaching staff developing training calendars, team building initiatives and coaching and mentoring the staff.

She has been a strong advocate to make educational institutions a learning organization with continuous up-gradation of skills and building need based support system. Planning exit interviews for the staff, students as well as parents has been a strength based system developed by her for many set-ups.

In her unique style, with her deep insight she proposes practical solutions for all the stake holders; teaching and non teaching staff, students, parents and management at educational institutions.

The Heritage School, Kolkata
Associated with The Heritage School Calcutta since 2002, its inception as an HR Trainer, counselling psychologist and has ben part of the school team in training teachers, counselling parents and providing specific one to one counselling, remediation and support for students for behavioural as well as special learning difficulties.
In last seventeen years her contributions has been immense in developing the culture at The Hreritage of a progressive school where the role of counselling is not conventional but contemporary. Counselling & Guidance, a whole school proactive approach at The Heritage School, has today made it a school that cares, a school that believes in giving opportunities to all kinds of learners, accepts all kinds of families, creates a caring sensitive group of educators and enables students to be more aware and responsible. "Contrary to the prevailing myth and taboo about counselling, I am happy to state that at The Heritage School, we have been able to accept counselling from a perspective of enabling and empowering, guidance and student welfare, where students approach counsellors at their free will and enjoy a comfort of privacy with care and understanding." The life skill sessions addressing a gamut of social issues as aggression, bullying, name calling, peer pressure, gender sensitivity, goal setting, study skills, memory enhancement, SWOT, all has been based on group sensitization and has been able to reach out to a large mass of students.
The parent partnership programme in last 16 years has been a major support system where it provides age appropriate guidance to parents on dealing with critical developmental aspects and has been appreciated widely by parents, building a strong trust with school community. It also created a positive forum for us to address issues; beyond just academic performance, it allowed teachers and parents to think collectively on various societal issues as responsible caregivers and evolved practical strategies.
Teacher development initiatives where psycho education has empowered teachers, interactive workshops spread over the year, allows teachers to see the delicate components of learning, emotional wellness, adolescents mind sets, art of giving instructions, teacher as a counsellor, building a class community, child profile, class profile, mixed ability classrooms, remedial teaching, assessing skills, have truly made Heritage educators truly progressive. The interventions with many students has a scaffolding support where class teacher, coordinator along with counsellor help a family and child to cope and adapt. Mentoring of teachers by a system of developing leadership, communication and interpersonal skills of a small group has created a very useful resource group, that acts as a think tank as well as communication channel in a school with 4000 students and a widespread campus.
Establishing a culture where students speak, listen and develop sense of respect and responsibility, managing life situations, taking challenges and learning from their mistakes has been successful goals that have been achieved.

"I express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the quantum of Help and guidance received from you in particular and from team UMMEED with regard to guidance and counselling services for students, teachers and parents of Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir.

Your unique sessions have brought in a Paradigm shift in the approach and thought process of both the caregivers as well as the parents. It has rendered a massive difference and has brought in an altogether new and positive perspective. From learning disorders to adolescent issues, from maladjustment to handling low self esteem and identity crisis, from career counselling to POCSO rules awareness, you had an antidote and a solution for all. With the kind of world that we are living and dealing with your sessions have served as a beacon of light and hope.

A lot of issues which otherwise could not be addressed at school due to lack of professional and technical knowledge and expertise today stands sorted out at Lions Vidya Mandir. None of these would have been possible without your constant support, guidance, motivation & Encouragement."

Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir

Frank Anthony Public School, Kolkata
Associated with Frank Anthony Public School, since 2011, guiding and training the teachers for social and mental well being. Also since 2014 trained group of teachers on basic counselling skills to act as pastoral guides. Under her supervision UMMEED counsellors have visited the school on weekly basis and provided counselling for students and parents. Enclosed coordination with Principal and other senior staff members creating a holistic school counselling module. UMMEED counsellors have conducted several life skills modules forms class 4 to 12 addressing issues like study skills, memory techniques, bullying, aggression, gender sensitivity, appreciating differences, health and hygiene, good touch bad touch, puberty issues for boys and girl etc. Orientation for parents of young children as well as teens have been very well accepted by parents and ha sad to the approachable culture of the school.

Amarpati Lions Citizen Public School, Siliguri (ALCPS)
Amarpati Lions Citizens Public School (ALCPS) is an English medium co educational school managed by The Citizens Lions Sewa Trust, a Trust created under Lions Club of Siliguri Citizens, a member club of the world's largest serving Non-Government Organisation (NGO) “Lions Clubs International”. Mrs. Saloni Priya helped in all-round development of the school and apart from her regular visits to school, she remained just a phone call away whenever needed. She had a very important role in teacher selection process, workshops & training, academic planning, syllabus & books selection, students counselling to name a few. She involves herself into the minutest details of school infrastructure planning, child safety, health & hygiene, cleanliness & brings in latest teaching techniques. She had played the pivotal role of a Captain of a Ship who always steers the ship out of rough waters. Her immense knowledge & expertise in the field of Education have eased the pressure on the School Management Committee & helped us to achieve our dreams in a very short span of 5 years. We hope the association with UMEED through Mrs. Saloni Priya go for long period oftime.

Sangay Kumar Marodia. Chairman

Sunbeam Group of Institutions (Uttar Pradesh)
A uniquely OB based HR Intervention -
Leadership training for the core administrative lead team of Sunbeam Group has been undertaken from time to time as a annual brainstorming activity. This leads to skill development, gives several leaders an action plan for self improvement as well as sets achievable goals in alignment with the organizational vision. A detailed psychometric compiling of several leaders on Empathy, Inter-personal skills, self-management and self awareness enabled each leader to redirect his/her own internal compass for personal and professional growth. Sunbeam group with it's 23 associate school all over UP have been instrumental in providing quality education at affordable price. Since 2011 every year a group of 60 educators, administrators, hostel wardens have undertaken 100 Hours 'Basic Counselling Skills' training spread throughout the academic year to create more sensitive Pastoral counsellors. These training by Ms Salony Priya have put EQ as more critical for development and success of each Sunbeam child. Till now more than 200 hundred Sunbeam staff members have been certified by UMMEED as they continue to spread the message of holistic care of each child vis-a-vi his/her social emotional and academic growth.

Kids Academy, Sagar (MP)
Associated since 2016, Kids Academy at Sagar (MP) is a co-educational english medium school under the MP Board carying on the mission of educating and enlightening the larger community, where school is a channel. Under the guidance of Mr Sandeep Srivastava, Director, who with his tremendous zeal and vision to empower the society with good citizens, personally monitors each and every child and connects to the family and society. As advisor to this project it was tremendous opportunity to provide holistic support to parents, teachers and students alike. Principal Ms Swati has commitment to the cause of value based education and has been very successfully able to implement many progressive and proactive teaching methods. The teachers are on their way to follow positive psychology principles and being real mentors to the students. A school that not only produces excellent academic results, provides hope for future to many in the suburbs.

Little Scholar, Kolkata
Associated since inception as adviser and consultant ensuring child-centric systems are laid out based on principles of nurturing environment for the young learners. She conducts several workshops for teachers on topics like emotional and cognitive developmental stages, dealing with fear and anxiety, play way methods, common behavioural problems, handling parental anxieties, strategies to deal with children who are boisterous, loner, shy etc. she has enclosed coordination with school team designed parent partnership programs and her sessions with young parents are extremely popular. Parents love to hear her explaining various aspects of child’s behaviour and enjoy her simple matter of face approach towards nurturing confident child special sessions for young fathers and grand parents are in great demand at Little Scholars.

St. Paul's School, Rourkela
Associated since 2011 to set up holistic counselling interventions for teachers, students and parents. Trained more than 40 educators on a 100 hours basic counselling skills program for teachers incorporated with topics such as aggression, anxiety, exam stress, low self esteem, parental conflict etc. To have counselling interventions in their school. Empowered and supervised by her, the school runs a student welfare centre where pastoral guides provide guidance and support to students and parents.

Empowering young minds by group counselling sessions addressing students from class 6 to class 12 on issues as career, sexuality, goal setting, self awareness, study skills, addiction specially of gadgets and gaming, etc.

Delhi Public School, Howrah
Associated as an HR consultant at the inception of the school and helped in teachers training, selection and conducting the new parent orientation. Associated from 2009-2011.

Douglas Memorial H. S. , Barrackpore
As an Advisor and Consultant.
A relationship of last 15 years where Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary school experienced holistic approach toward developing a caring progressive school culture. Addressing parents on critical issues of parenting, training teachers to adopt proactive smart classroom as well as sensitivity towards special children; life skills for students; were various aspects of enabling the school. Counselling of students and parents was introduced as the school became a day boarding school along with providing residential care to some students.

Shree Khemka International School, Buhana
A project in interior Rajasthan with a mission to provide quality education to students who would be enabled to afce the world. It was an association from 2012 to 2015 to be a consultant guiding on laying basic systems, recruiting teachers and sensitizing the parents to udnerstand importance of education for children under the leadership of Shree Ramesh Khemka Trustee Khemka education project. In a short duration the school enjoyed trust of community and grew as a beacon of promise for a new world.

M.C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth
Associated in 2004-2007 to provide counselling services to students and parents.

  • Designed and conducted adolescent counselling sessions for students of class 9-12
  • Several parenting sessions organised to sensitize parents about their role as positive guides and balanced care givers
  • Several child-centric teaching methods introduced in the junior school enhancing multi intelligence, disciplining systems and progressive class management that enhanced student-teacher relationship and set path for progressive schooling.

Tapti Valley International School, Surat Gujarat
Associated in 2014-2016.
Introduced counselling as a positive approach for enabling students to deal with distractions, academic issues, learning style problems, learning disabilities etc. Positive parenting interactions with parents empowering them to understand critical role of adults during adolescent period. Mentoring teachers and building team were very successful initiatives that made school more future ready and allowed teachers to be ready to include students with various abilities, in the main stream school.

St. Xaviers Group of Schools (MP & Orissa)
2015 onwards - Advisor & Consultant
In 2015 as well as 2016 trained principals and senior administrators of more than 65 schools of the St. Xaviers Group on "educational leadership, people relations and team building", these training helped heads of schools to plan and undertake several initiatives with students and teachers to make their school more child-centric. Several counselling techniques were introduced to enable teachers to deal with variety of behavioral issues in the classroom, be inactive, mentor and guide to the child. A very specific teenage and adolescent awareness program was done with more than 100 educators.

Contai Public School
Associated with Contai Public School from 2010–2014 for holistic intervention and created a culture of care for students (both boarders and day boarders) by:-
Training teachers on various aspects of psychological development of children, concepts like Multiple Intelligence, Learning styles in children, common adolescent issues, positive disciplining methods, teachers as mentors etc was introduced. Several sessions for parents of the school on emphasizes the role of parent as first educators and primary role models for their children. Introducing the concept of parent-teacher partnership for overall development of the child. Life skills group session for students from class 5 – class 12 on topics as Appreciating differences, Positive Peer relationship, examination and study skills, coping with emotions, anger management, enhancing memory, Goal setting etc.
Besides UMMEED counsellors who visited from time to time, several teachers also were trained to take up counselling with the students.
Mr. S.P. Das, Principal: "School has been a great catalyst and champion for the cause of positive counselling and training."

Rockvale Academy, Kalimpong
2010-2014 - Advisor & Consultant
A premium residential and day school in the Kalimpong hills under the leadership of Captain Pradhan was onset to introduce mentoring for the students comprehensive personality Development, remedial teaching fo weak students as well as leadership training for young prefects. It was a unique intervention involving the entire teaching faculty to be Teachers as counsellors taking responsibility of each child in their care. Detailed child profile, career guidance, study skill training and goal setting exercises for students of classes 6- 12, created a harmonious existence in boarding. One to one counselling with students; parenting sessions for parents; training for teachers, hostel wardens and care givers were undertaken throughout the year.

Campion International School is proud to be associated with Maam Salony Priya for the last two years now. Mrs Salony is the founder of Ummeed...., an educational consultant and certified trainer who specialises in Organisational Behaviour. We acknowledge her immense contribution to the school in terms of training and motivating teachers, helping with organisational functioning, marketing and public outreach. Her valuable inputs have positively transformed our approach to various aspects of functioning and helped us adapt to modern contemporary challenges faced by educational institutions. Along with providing support to schools and educational institutions, including conducting workshops for teachers, Mrs Priya also offers support and counselling to students and parents, including parenting tips, parenthood in the modern age as well as various other topics relevant to children and parents alike.

"Our journey with Umeed began five years ago when our teachers underwent a program on Pastoral Guidance with them. Thanks to Ummeed our educators are now better equipped to deal with the students and issues in the classrooms.

The student-teacher connect has increased. Over the past two years, Salony Ma'am has been assisting us in our Core Team building Together, we have developed a robust System which identifies the strengths of our teachers and their areas of improvement.

This has led to trust building and made our school a happier workplace. We thank Salony maam and her team for their constant support and wish that they continue to spread their good work throughout The community."

Sweta Kanudia,
Director sunbeam Mughalsarai

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