Micro Skills of Counselling and Therapy Certificate Course by Ummeed

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Micro Skills of Counselling and Therapy

An experiential, capacity building endeavor to empower educators, mental health professionals, psychology, education, mass communication HR students, allied professionals as caregivers in orphanages, NGO workers and enthusiastic learners, who want to enhance their understanding of psychological principles of counselling & therapy to be more effective with children and adolescents as well with adults in their workplace.

This course enables participants to have functional knowledge of human behavior, child psychology and builds their skills to handle the spectrum of behavioural issues – from aggression to addiction and abuse. The hands on training, with role play and case study discussions is especially designed to enable participants with a better understanding of adolescent needs, developmental stages & emotional turmoil very salient of this age, so that they can provide better support to youth in their care and build good mental health.

The course focuses on real life case studies from repertoire of 24 years of work and experience of Salony Priya, Founder of Ummeed.


A brief overview of the Training, which is spread over 6-7 months, is as follows:

  • History of Counselling from Talking Therapy to today's contemporary collaborative model.
  • Positive psychology interventions in counselling.
  • Self awareness of Counsellors.
  • Understanding Counselling – Strength based Counselling, myths and facts of Counselling.
  • Milestones in Social and Emotional Development from childhood to Adulthood years.
  • Understanding Psychological Needs of children & adolescents, Maslow's need hierarchy.
  • Qualities of Counsellor, building required disposition and
  • Basic skills of a counsellor -
    • Attending skills
    • Paraphrasing skills
    • Summarizing skills
    • Probing skills
    • Responding and mirroring by counsellors
    • Empathy
    • Silence
    • Reflection of feelings
  • Play therapy - application.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy - basic tenets, practical applications.
  • Life Skills for Social and Emotional wellbeing of Youth.
  • Spectrum of Aggressive behaviours, with special focus on Bullying prevention.
  • Addiction to Substance, Social media, Internet and Gadgets - interventions to deal.
  • Self Harm Tendency in Youth - Protective factors for Suicide prevention.
  • Counselling Parents - strategies and skill sets.
  • Handling anxiety, fear and stress.
  • Depression - reasons, strategies to use CBT techniques.

UNIQUE FEATURES of this course:

  • Counselling tool box covers a wide range of handouts/checklists/worksheets to be used with students as part of strength based interventions.
  • Case studies - real cases of youth and children discussed to give you a detailed insight into.
  • Video demonstrations and real counselling situations with experts.
  • Demonstration of counselling skills and Practice through role plays.
  • Supervision and case documentation protocols taught in great detail to practice independently.
  • Self awareness sessions.
  • One to one counselling session with each participant with Ummeed counsellor.
  • Written and practical evaluation which entails practice assignments and a final assessment.
  • Certificate on completion of the course.

Participants would be given individual exposure and would participate in group activities to have first hand experience of counseling process and develop insight into the skills required to use counseling with students.


Short revision tests during the course to help them to learn, followed by case study submission that will be graded. They will all at the end of course give a written assessment, practical skill demonstration examination, and a viva to earn their certificate.

Who can do the course:-

  • Educators dealing with children and adolescents, who are keen to extend their support to students beyond academics. Understanding various social and emotional determinants that affect classroom behaviour and academic performance of the child, dealing with the same so as to provide holistic interventions to students in their care.
  • Students of Psychology / Education, B.Ed , Med - those who have completed a bachelors/masters diploma/degree in psychology, which is more theoretically inclined, this course is designed to give you thorough exposure to practical counselling skills with a gamut of social and emotional issues that are affecting children and adolescents today.
  • School counselors - Dealing with students' issues on a daily basis, enhance your skills to provide better whole school counselling support through individual and group interventions.
  • Social workers - Counselling is not limited to mainstream schools. Children from marginalized sections of society are faced with pertinent traumas and challenges. This course will enable you to re-integrate them into society with adequate skills.
  • Parents - If you are a concerned parent, dealing with the myriad of issues that your child/teen is facing in the millenial world, the course will enable you to understand them and their context better, which further enables you to modify your parenting style.


75% attendance is compulsory for the certification.


Each participants would get following materials :

  • 175 page basic counselling skills workbook
  • Collection of self assessment tools
  • Several powerpoints and videos as resource for counseling room & therapy
  • List of websites and books for counselling assistance
  • Certificate, mark sheet and recommendation letter for merit holders


  • 75 hours contact 25 hours supervision spread over 6 months from commencement of course.
  • Three to four class in a month.
  • Once the batch is formed convenient timings are mutually decided for each session.


Course Fee: Rs. 22,000/- plus 18% GST (total 25,960/-) payable in EMI.


Last ten years Ummeed has offered a certificate training course, designed by our founder director Salony Priya, that has been very effective and it has enabled teachers to handle aggression, abuse, addiction and adolescent self harm, more than 700 teachers from the under mentioned schools have benefitted from these courses:-

  • Frank Anthony School
  • South Point School
  • Admas International
  • Gems Akademia
  • The Heritage
  • Contai Public School
  • Mount Litera Zee
  • Lions International School
  • Calcutta International in Calcutta
  • Julien Day
  • St. Thomas
  • Loreto

Beyond Calcutta this training has benefited educators from:-

  • DPS Varanasi
  • Sunbeam group of schools (18 schools 300 teachers trained all over UP)
  • Birla Balika Vidyapeeth under Birla Education Trust in Pilani
  • Birla Public Schools, Rajasthan
  • Carmel Schools, Bhopal
  • Holy Cross & Don Bosco schools in Agartala
  • St. Paul’s, Desouza’s School and St Josephs in Rourkela
  • Nirmala English School, Rajganagpur
  • Sacred Heart, Darjeeling
  • St. Anthony, Kurseong
  • Little Flower School and Kerala Public School, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
  • De Paul’s School, Brehmapur, Odissa
  • Leblond School, Siliguri
  • Good Shepherd in Shahdol MP
  • Carmel Amlai, MP
  • Tarasadan Senior School, Ashoknagar, MP


Ms. Salony Priya would be the main course Director, along with Senior Counsellors and consultants who would add value to the course. She is a practicing psychotherapist, with more than 24 years of intense experience in counselling and training. She is a practicing psychologist, a pioneer in the field of counselling psychology systems introduced with a positive psychology aspect in educational institutions and social organisations. She in the last 24 years has advocated Enabling, empowering and energizing people, communities, families and organisations. Hence Umeed foundation focuses on Capacity building of caregivers in NGOs, mental health awareness and positive living campaigns to enhance community health.
Salony Maam is the life member of community health psychology, All India Health Psychology, and Christian Vellore. She is also the founder Director of Ummeed India which reaches out over 1700 institutions across 18 states in India, also reached and made a mark beyond India. For the last 11 years Ummeed India created a strength based preventive approach to counseling through holistic positive psychology interventions with many individuals, educational institutions, corporate establishments and social organizations.

Salony Maam is the life member of community health psychology, All India Health Psychology, and Christian Vellore. She is also the founder Director of Ummeed India which reaches out over 1500 institutions across 18 states in India, also reached and made a mark beyond India. For the last 9 years Ummeed India creating strength based preventive approach to counseling through holistic positive psychology interventions with many individuals, educational institutions, corporate establishments and social organizations.

Brief profile of resource persons who would assist Salony Priya:

Ms. Nikita Jalan - Having completed her M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology, West Bengal University of Health Sciences (Institute of Psychiatry (2015), Nikita is a clinical psychologist who specializes in psychometric assessments, psychodiagnosis, behaviour modification, cognitive behaviour therapy. She has worked with both adults and children of varying ages and cultural backgrounds, presenting with a diverse range of concerns and conditions. This includes working with children who were displaying behavioural difficulties. Her recent work with the school children and other hospitals has also included interventions such as counselling, and hypnotherapy. Nikita has been associated with organizations such as Dakshini Prayash (School for underprivileged children), Medica Superspecialty Hospital Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata, Mental Health Foundation, April 2013, St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore, October 2012 - March 2013.

Ms. Purnima Sahai - Purnima Sahai is a Senior Counselling Psychologist with over 18 years of exceptional experience. She is an Executive Committee member of the IACBT (Indian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). She has been associated with Dr.Sanjay Chugh’s Psychiatric Clinic for over 15 years. She now runs her own Counseling Center in Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi called AnamCara.
Purnima has extensive experience of working with psychological issues including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and addictions. Purnima has conducted trainings of professionals including psychologists on issues such as anger management, stress management, team building, enhancing communication, suicide prevention, and increasing personal effectiveness.

Ms. Pinki Banerjee (Counsellor, Play Therapist and Life Skills Trainer) - Ms Banerjee is a visiting counsellor at Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir and Julien Day, Howrah. She has worked with schools such as St. Mary's Orphanage and Mount Litera Zee School. She is a trained play therapist and works with children under 1- years age to identify their social and emotional skills though projective techniques. Pinki completed her Psychiatric Counselling course from Indian PsychoAnalytical Society and has 7 years experience in working as a psychiatric counsellor at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Research Institute and Mood Society.

Some feedback as shared by participants who have completed the basic counseling skills course at Ummeed:

“This course has been an eye opener and also a journey of self discovery. I have gained from the insights and perspectives regarding various issues and problems concerning children of varying age groups. I believe that it will help me to deal with various adolescent problems in a more sensitive and empathetic manner.”


“The purpose of taking the course is to solve personal problems and to build good interpersonal relationships with the students.”


“Counselling creates a connectivity between people where the distance is bridged by communicating, thereby helping to solve the problems arising in life with patience and compassion.”


“We are highly indebted to you for making us competent to be sensitive towards the needs and emotions of children and also empowering us to propose suitable and timely interventions, thus ensuring a positive and enduring change in their personalities.”


“The sessions are great till date 6.6.2015. have gained confidence in various fields. Emotions and feelings are being made to understand in a very positive and practical manner. I personally will like to experience a few more practical counseling case studies as done today. Thank you and god bless.”


For Registration/ queries, please refer to our following contact information:

Email: info@umeedindia.net

Mobile: +91 8777871110, 9830558900

For registration, you can visit our centre at Ummeed Counselling & Consulting Services:

Flat No. 3B, 3rd Floor,
Divine Bliss, 2/3, Judges Court Road,
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Thanking you once again for your interest in Ummeed counseling courses.

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