Teachers' Training

  • Moving towards a Child Centered
  • approach of teaching using
  • real life scenarios

John Lubbock

The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that, every child, should be given the wish to learn

The rigors of completing an exhaustive curriculum, handling increasing number of children in class, the fast changes in society which lead to changed classroom scenarios all exert increasing pressures on Educators today.
Whether it is to cope with these challenges or it is to enhance, expand and enrich their own skills and abilities Educators too need to pause, unlearn, relern before they move on to face new challenges.
Ummeed provides Educators across the country the opportunity and support to do exactly this.
Ummeed conducts workshops to Enable the Educators to reorient themselves to a child centered approach of teaching.
Delivered in a simple, interactive and lucid style Ummeed workshops have broken many a mind set and myths related to child psychology and development.

  • Teacher as Counselor
  • Discipline by Design – Non-punitive methods to handle classroom behaviour
  • Classroom that Sparks – Stimulating Learning in classroom by VAK Learning Styles
  • Understanding Adolescent Psychological Needs
  • Emotionally Intelligence Education – IQ, EQ, SQ and CQ in classrooms
  • Mentoring and Coaching Skills in Educators
  • A-Z of Effective Classroom Management
  • Multiple Intelligences – for handling special needs to mixed ability classrooms
  • Teaching as a Team: Group approach to collaborative teaching, team building in the staff rooms and linking teaching approaches to attitudes.
  • Teaching in Partnership with Parents: Psycho-educating the parents and involving them in school activities in order to provide the child with holistic development.
  • Child Rights and School Safety

Care Givers as Guides & Mentors

Care givers programme is made for the primary care givers like wardens and house masters in a hostel setting. It is a holistic 70-100 hour learning experience to sensitize the primary care givers towards the basic emotions and needs of a child or an adolescent. The care givers are made aware of different ways to handle children and adolescent and understand them in a wholesome manner.

The programme incorporates various topics such as:

  • + Learning concerns in children
  • + Understanding emotions
  • + Common behavioural issues
  • + Positive disciplining
  • + Teaching life styles to students
  • + Critical adolescent issues

The course offers a variety of case studies and role play practices inspired by real life situations. This course helps the care givers to understand that each child is unique and how as a caregiver they can make a different in the child’s life.

  • Care Givers

  • Care Givers

  • Sensitizing the care givers on different adolescent issues

  • Assertiveness training for the care giver’s of sunbeam school

  • Practicing how to walk in the counsellors shoes along with UMMEED counsellors

  • Understanding different emotions through various activities.

  • Caregivers of Sunbeam

  • Session highlighting various aspects of suicide

  • ROLE Play and one-on-one counselling


  • Revive the Spirit
    to teach!
  • Rejuvenate them
    to accept change!
  • Remind them of
    the difference they
    still make!

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Patricia Neal

A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, through, awakens your own experience.

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