Counselling Services to Educational Institutions

Ummeed has a team of counsellors that provide services at different educational set ups.

They provide services on a regular basis where they cater to students with special needs as well as those students with academic and behavioural issues.

During their school visits, the counsellors meet children on a one-to-one basis and also conduct Life Skill sessions in groups on various topics addressing common school issues.

Ummeed is Associated with the following Institutes

As we stepped into our 6th year, our partnership with educational institutions for need based holistic interventions have only strengthened over time. One of our oldest and coveted partner schools, The Frank Anthony Public School Kolkata, realizes that the need of the hour is to inculcate in the teaching community, a deeper understanding of social and emotional needs in children and adolescents, in order to provide a stronger and more sustaining scaffolding support.

Our year round holistic need based interventions this year have covered:
  • Workshop for educators to build positive discipline techniques in the classroom.
  • Development of skills among teachers to extend care, support and connect to the adolescents for social and emotional well-being.
  • Orientation for parents of the junior section and Special education for children with learning difficulties.
  • Life Skill sessions on ‘Respect & Responsibility’ and ‘Diversity in differences’.

In collaboration with Lions, Ummeed has been instrumental in creating a space for effective collaboration between the stakeholders in the education system, namely educators, parents and students, for enabling overall development of the students.

  • Session was also held to educate the teachers about special needs of a few children by orienting them towards learning disabilities and how to deal with students having such difficulties.
  • Several life skills sessions have been conducted for building memory skills (class 5), aiding the learning process (class 2), Imparting knowledge about good and bad touch (class 3), goal setting (class 6) in students.
  • Workshop on parents which helped to sensitize parents regarding effective ways to handle their child and to develop healthy relationship with their children.

Ummeed has been associated with Haryana Vidya Mandir since 2014 where a Counsellor and Life skill trainer visits the school on a weekly basis where they conduct sessions with students as well as provide one on one counselling.

Workshops organized are:

  • Life skill sessions for students of all classes based on their age appropriate topics like Internet addiction, Building positive peer relationship and Interpersonal relationship with the students of class VIII, VII and X respectively.
  • Workshop for enabling young minds of class VI, VII and VIII to overcome exam anxiety through relaxation and other techniques.
  • Capacity building workshop for educators and parents.

A day boarding school since 2017 has taken up the responsibility of providing guidance and counselling to the students through association with UMMEED cousellors. With positive psychology framework, counselors from UMMEED work closely with different classes and provide one to one counselling, group counselling as well as Life skills sessions on topics like Bullying, Smart Study Skills, Anger Management etc.

A residential cum day boarding school since 2016 has taken responsibility of providing guidance and counselling to the students in association with UMMEED counselors. From academic difficulties to learning problems; from feeling homesick and lonely to having low confidence, many such issues have been handled by counselors and helped the hostel staff as well as teachers to understand these children from age group 6 years to 18 years. Several group counselling sessions have been taken like, Bullying, Assertive communication, Handling Emotions, Aggression etc were taken up.
Counselling of parents to understand age appropriate behavior was take up by Founder Director Ms Salony Priya.

Ummeeds association with Mount Litera Zee School, Howrah began in 2016. The experience has been invigorating and insightful. The opportunity to work with children and adolescents as well as empower the future of our nation has been exhilarating.

Some of the works include:
  • Primary issues addressed in the one on one counselling sessions held with the students include study skills, memory and concentration improvement strategies, dealing with interpersonal relationships in the school and home front, dealing with anger and aggression, coping with bullying and better time management.
  • Life skills sessions held with the students, concepts such as boundaries in relationships (class 5), respecting individual differences and cohabitation (hostel students), handling bullying (classes 6-9), respecting women (class 6-9) were discussed.
  • Dr. Anindita Chatterjee, Clinical Psychologist also conducted a session with the teachers on how to identify and deal with students with learning difficulties.

As we enter the second year of our collaboration with Mount Litera Zee School, Maheshtala, the focus of our interventions has incorporated not just life skill training of children but also empowering educators and building a healthy collaboration between parents, teachers and students.

  • The life skills sessions held with students included dealing with interpersonal relationships (class 6) and respecting differences (class 8).
  • An insight-oriented session was conducted with the educators on ‘Sex & Sexuality’ to become more aware and gain a better understanding of it thereby imparting knowledge to the students.
  • Session was conducted on the ‘Art and Science of Parenting using a Balance of Love and Logic’ for the parents of junior and middle school.


At the Bhawanipore Gujarati Education Society, the focus is on Individual Counselling for Social, Emotional and Academic Enhancement. In a short span of time, the students, teachers and parents’ community have become very accepting and responsive of counselling interventions. Most common areas of concern range from handling distractions, study skills, peer teasing and self esteem.


The class 10 students attended a session on Dealing Effectively with Exam Anxiety.

"I learnt about how harmful anxiety before exams can be, and how to effectovely deal with it. I learnt how to keep myself calm before and during a test. I learnt how to manage my fears and tensions and be confident." - Snehashish Chattopadhyay, Class X

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